Improving our world with the power of skills

14-19 October 2017
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates was awarded the right to host the 44th WorldSkills Competition at the WorldSkills General Assembly in 2013.

We are proud to be the first country in the Middle East to host a WorldSkills Competition and bringing the event to Abu Dhabi will provide those taking part with the opportunity to experience true Arabian hospitality whilst enjoying state of the art facilities and modern infrastructure.

Abu Dhabi is a truly exciting and dynamic destination for the Competition, located at the nexus of the west and east, it is the meeting point of the ancient and modern. In Abu Dhabi a futuristic city lives hand in hand with ancient treasures and this is a destination where the past is preserved, cherished and respected while the future is meticulously planned and considered.

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